The FutureGen Research Program is an innovative program designed to develop the next generation of researchers/leaders in global health from low and middle income countries LMICs.

FutureGen Research Program
  • Participants of this program are usually graduates of the Global Health
  • Courses organized by AB Global Health Initiative and any of its partners.
  • The program uses tools such as the research course and mentorship to achieve its goals.

The research course introduces participants to fundamentals in research such as abstract writing, basic concepts in research, research methodology, grant proposal writing, technical writing, public speaking skills including project management skills among other topics.

Mentorship in the program is achieved through the help of university faculty members and course facilitators, e.g. Masters/Doctoral candidates who sign up to be a part of the program. Mentors help guide participants during topic selection, actual research writing and publishing.

Once a series is started, it lasts for about 10 – 11 months, during which three (3) workshops would be organized. In between the months, participants are divided into subgroups and task assigned to each group.

The uniqueness of our program stems from the fact that:

  • All our participants are graduates of our global health courses, hence have been exposed to global health and its inherent challenges especially relating to low and middle income countries LMICs.
  • We motivate, guide and encourage our participants to get involved in research in order to help in the translation of science to practice, providing evidence for increased advocacies in global health.

  • We actively mentor our participants through the instrumentality of our well designed curriculum and benevolence of on-ground volunteer mentors.

  • We provide opportunities for our participants to put into use skills learnt through submission of abstracts for conferences and providing grants and scholarships through partner organizations to present research work in selected international conferences.

  • We are building a growing community of individuals passionate about global health; providing for our participants a strong base for networking.


What is meant by FutureGen Research Program?

FutureGen Research Program is our unique program where we aim to build a generation of researchers from low and middle income countries, passionate about solving global health challenges through the use of research, generating evidence for policy making and advocacy. It is usually made up of the research course and the mentorship program.

The research course is a continuation of the global health course and is hence organized after the global health course has been concluded.

Why do you have to organize the course?

After the global health courses have been concluded, there is a need to continue grooming participants especially those interested in developing skills in researches for global health causes and also for generating measurable outcomes, publications; which are used to influence decisions and drive advocacies.