Adetayo while in medical school attended the global health course 2016 in IvanoFrankivsk, Ukraine.

He has gone on to present at conferences and workshops.

He was accepted to study a Masters in Global Health at the prestigious Queen Mary University of London.
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Adetayo AderombiUnited Kingdom

Olutola attended the global health pharmacy course Ile-Ife while Olubukola attended the global health course Lagos and the global health pharmacy course Ile-Ife.

They are co-founders of a non-profit social organization that aims to provide health solutions to the immediate and extended environment and also sets out to bridge the drug distribution gap between the urban and the rural areas.
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Amosun Olutola and Jongbo OlubukolaNigeria

Sylvester attended the global health course Lagos and the global health pharmacy course Port-Harcourt Nigeria.

His abstract “Patient and consumer involvement in HTA of Nigeria PHC health system” has been accepted for the Health Technology Assessment International Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy.

He also won a $2000 grant to participate in the conference.
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Adeyemi SylvesterNigeria

Blaise attended the global health course in Rwanda. He won an award from the royal society of tropical medicine and hygiene after submission of his meta-analysis on NCDs and African economic growth. He has started delivering a course on epidemiological transition in Africa in different global health courses.

He incorporated research learning courses into the global health course curriculum for advancing research evidence generating in Africa.

He has won different awards with some other global health course graduates that he has been mentoring. E.g. UNESCO MERCK research award, AHAIC Award.
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Blaise Ntacyabukura Rwanda

My name is Adebisi Yusuff Adebayo. I am currently a final year pharmacy student in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Attending the Global Health Pharmacy Course in 2017 was a turning point in my life and it is indeed a course that contribute immensely to all I have achieved today.

I attended the course with the curious mind to learn more about global health but it turned out to be much more than learning about global health.

Personally for me the course facilitator, Prof Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno III, challenged, inspired, supported and motivated me on how I can contribute immensely to the healthcare system and developmental issues in Africa and beyond.

Prior the course, I felt it was only after graduation from school, I can start winning grants, solving global health issues, attending conferences, speaking in international conferences and many more.

Interestingly, the course did much more, I was inspired beyond my dreams to start doing amazing things.

Global health pharmacy course is a course I will never forget and a course I describe as “one in a million”. The course will not just take you through theoretically, it will give you practical ways on how to contribute to your personal growth and development.

Between February 2017 and June 2019, here are some of my achievements:

  1. I co-founded an organization called Pharmacostory Health Awareness Initiative, few days after the course in 2017 to create awareness on health issues. The NGO has risen to be point of contact for health talks on campuses.
  2. A delegate to 2017 World Healthcare Students Symposium, Kigali Rwanda supported by Global Health Focus Africa with 600USD based on the volunteer role and work I have done for the organization. This, which was my first trip abroad.
  3. Within this timeframe, I also became the first Student Ambassador of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK in Nigeria. In addition to this, I have taken up many leadership roles in many students and professionals organizations.
  4. I successfully organized Future Generation Research Course in my University where young leaders were trained on how to do research and influence policy and practice.
  5. I won travel grants to attend the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2018.
  6. I won travel grants to attend the First International Lassa Fever Conference in Abuja, Nigeria in January 2019.
  7. My team emerged one of the eleven winning team of Innovate4AMR, a competition aimed at seeking students’ ideas on how to curb antimicrobial resistance and improve antimicrobial stewardship in limited resource settings. My team won a fully-funded trip worth 5000USD to Geneva, Switzerland to attend a capacity building workshop. Innovate4AMR is organized by ReAct, IFMSA, The IDEA (Innovation + Design Enabling Access) Initiative at the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, South Centre and World Health Organization. Based on this, my team also received award of excellence from PharmaLead.
  8. My research works have been selected for presentation in many international and national conferences. I have more than 12 selected abstracts in conferences.
  9. I have numerous research publications, book chapters and blog posts published to my credit.
  10. Due to my interest in drug policy reform, I have been invited to a school-based drug policy consultation in Abuja on a fully funded basis.
  11. My project with reference from Global Health Focus Team won 10,000USD to carry out a project to bridge awareness and knowledge gaps among students, healthcare professionals and smokers on tobacco harm reduction in Nigeria.
  12. I attended the 2019 Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland with a full travel scholarships where I delivered both oral and poster presentations.
  13. Over the years, I mentor students and professionals on research and other areas of self-development.
  14. In 2019, I was nominated for pharmanews pharmacy student of the year’s award.

Global Health Course is what I will recommend for all young leaders, students and professionals who want to learn more about global health and have the full gists on how to develop themselves and make global impacts.
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Adebisi Yusuff AdebayoNigeria

My name is Temitope Ben-Ajepe and I’m a fourth-year student pharmacist at Igbinedion University, Okada, Nigeria

In February 2017, I attended the last in the triad of the Global Health Pharmacy Course organized by the AB Global Health initiative in partnership with Global Health Focus and the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife.

At that course, I was exposed for the first time to various issues plaguing African health systems in comparison to the rest of the world and discovered the place of the pharmacy profession’s contribution in salvaging the situation. For example, I learned about how much of an emergency AMR had become and the pharmacist’s responsibility in awareness, surveillance and stewardship found in many of our functions.

Later that year, I vyed and was elected as the Nigerian representative at the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation and amongst other things contributed actively to the promotion of public health awareness and activities for pharmacy students across the country. I’ve gone on to join the IPSF global team under the Public Health portfolio which is responsible for organizing public health campaigns and events and encourage member organizations to take full advantage of.

I currently intern with the World Health Organization in the Health Systems Strengthening through Essential Medicines and Health Technologies. I do a remote internship with the International Pharmaceutical Federation in Policy, Practice and Compliance.

This course was a real eye opener for me at that level to concepts I wasn’t all too familiar with as a student in my second year. It helped me identify what the problems were and gave me an understanding of where I could be of service. It shared quality knowledge I am immensely grateful for.
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Temitope Ben-AjepeNigeria

(1.) Who is Nurudeen Abubakar Adam?
Nurudeen Abubakar Adam is a young Nurse, global health advocate and a young researcher who developed interest in the field of global health.

He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where he obtained his first degree (BNSc) at the department of Nursing sciences, He has attended many professional courses in global health and has also published some of his research papers in both local and international journals of healthcare and medicine.

Nurudeen Abubakar Adam has an expertise in leadership, advocacy and Unionism as he held many leadership positions both locally and globally, he’s passionate and dedicated in providing humanitarian services and other volunteering work related to healthcare services.

He is dedicated to his work by providing training and impacting skills and knowledge to healthcare professionals and students aimed at providing an evidence based practice for better healthcare delivery in Nigeria especially in the field of emergency, first-aid and disaster response.

He’s the founder and the chief executive officer for Life Saving training initiative Nigeria and also a young leader for Nursing now global campaign and advocacy, Geneva, Switzerland.

(2.) Which course I attended?
I attended the global health pharmacy course held in ahmadu Bello University Zaria in February 2017 in Nigeria.

(3.) Things I’ve learned during the course?
I have learned theories and concepts in global health which includes current trends, issues, challenges and debates in global health as it relates to medicine and drugs which gave me a critical understanding of the determinants that shape the current global health problems and the roles of pharmacist and other health care professional in providing sustainable solution to the current and upcoming global health challenges.

I also learned many ideas and leadership skills and critical thinking that are crucial in global health and how to explore strategies that could be used to identify and solve crucial issues as it relates to my community and my country at large.

This course also me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge for personal growth and development.

(4.) What I’ve done/achieved since then ?
I have been learning and gaining more knowledge in global health because of the interest i acquire after attending the course. And also Don Eliseo prisno Lucero III who is the executive director for global health focus has been providing mentorship to me and carrier guidance which motivates me to engage in global health activities and research.

I wrote two research papers with him including the paper on global health Nursing which I hope will soon be published in an international journal.

This man has contributed to my professional development and personal growth and he is always there for assistance because he always wants to see his students growing and going higher professionally and academically. I have founded my NGO named; Life saving training initiative (L.S.T.I) in my country which I am working to address one of the health problem in my country since then.

I also gained the opportunity to attend the 72nd world Health assembly 2019 at Geneva Switzerland as a young Nurse leader and as a delegate for the international council of nurses,30 of us were were chosen across the globe to go to Switzerland for this mission.

(5.) How the course have impacted my career trajectory?
This course has impacted in my career by providing me with the expertise and global network which I utilized to improve and developed my career.

This course gave me the opportunity to engage with young writters and researchers that are disseminating evidence based knowledge for good practice.

It also motivates me to enroll in many professional certificate in global health/ public health and also explored career in global health.

I have also joined many international organization and global health initiative after attending this course and since then i continue to grow in my career as more opportunities are still coming my way.
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Nurudeen Abubakar AdamNigeria

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