Aniekan Ekpenyong serves as the Director of Pharmacy Projects at ABGHI. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from University of Uyo, Nigeria, and a Masters in Global Health Policy from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is a Postgraduate Researcher in Healthcare Leadership at Edge Hill University, United Kingdom, while also leading the work of Global Health Focus in Africa.

Aniekan’s interests are in the areas of healthcare leadership, health systems strengthening, health workforce, climate change and health, global health policy, international development, and the decolonization of global health. He is engaged at the forefront of global health research and practice in sub-Saharan Africa and is an advocate for the generation of evidence-based research to influence policymaking.

Aniekan is passionate about youth leadership and development and is committed to raising and mentoring the next generation of leaders in Africa who would contribute to the healthcare and development needs of their communities.