A Non-Profit Organization founded by Dr. Boyiga Bodinga Nuga and Dr. Ayomide Sina-Odunsi

AB Global Health Initiative was Registered in 2015, with its base in Nigeria.

AFRICA BETTER’ is a dimension to our name because we envision a better Africa health wise; devoid of diseases. The idea is to improve health and provide a solution which includes human capacity development especially in the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow.

We want a positive change in health around the world with keeping a bird’s eye view on the objectives for Africa.

We hope that through community outreach programs, organizing educative courses, innovative initiatives for health projects, we will achieve our aims, help partner organizations achieve their mission and also educate students about global health issues.

We believe that every person has the right to live a healthy, dignified life. We also believe that everyone has a role to play in advancing social justice through the health equity movement.

Mission Statement

AB Global Health Initiative aims to strengthen the motion for global health by motivating everyone to work together to improve the health of people around the world.

Our mission is to mobilize a global community of emerging leaders and critical thinkers to build the movement for health. We are raising a new crop of change makers who share a common belief; Health is a Human Right.

We are committed to creating a new breed of leaders who develop innovative solutions to the most challenging health problems all over the world.

Vision Statement

We visualize a world in which good health – the ability to not only live but flourish – is possible for all people withstanding the Race, Religion, Age, Gender or Sexual Orientation.

Our Team

Professional and Distinguished

Director of Pharmacy Projects

Director of Health Promotion


The AB Global Health Initiative is committed to improving global health through educational, clinical, developmental and future research programs that creates links with colleagues throughout Nigeria, Africa and the world in collaborative projects.

We aim to:

  • Attract outstanding individuals into global health related fields.
  • Organize and facilitate community outreach programs aiming at sustainable development goals.
  • Educate and increase awareness amongst students about global health by organizing workshops and courses.
  • Connect emerging leaders with present global health leaders across the globe and facilitate the exchange of ideas as well as new projects and collaborations as we develop string networks between them.
  • Establish and facilitate international collaborations to address leading health challenges.
  • Support students and faculty to work with underserved populations and in underserved regions
  • Provide opportunities for students at every level to experience and understand the challenges facing the world’s populations.
  • Partner with other organizations in volunteer programs.
  • Increase research education and opportunities among young researchers.