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Join the PANS Anti Microbial Resistance Online Campaign

The Goal: Our Objective
To get all PANS members actively involved in an online campaign by helping it go viral on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in a bid to raise awareness on AMR thereby initiating worthy conversations on the subject in commemoration of the World AMR day.

The Plan
1. Create colorful, graphic images that include a picture of a Pharmacy student, name of institution and a short, less than 20 words fact on AMR in a quote format. A number of templates will be created beforehand to be paired with the pictures of students that’ll be received after calls for the photographs/selfies are made.

2. Have practicing Pharmacists share stories on AMR that they’ve come across in video. Also draw powerful and insightful quotes from their stories and create similar images as in number 1.

3. Begin intensive sharing on social media platforms using a designated hashtag that will cut across them all.

4. Draft an easy to read document in PDF on said topic to send to all students via Whatsapp (think: An overview of IPSF introductory document — colorful, educative and interesting).

5. Make short, educative animated clips shedding light on AMR.

6. Drive conversations online using the designated hashtag.

What we’d need
1. Every Pharmacy student’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page to repost from the body’s pages.
2. Social media pages of PANS to disseminate information and post content that will further be regrammed, retweeted and shared from.
3. Editors from Pharmacy schools particularly OAU, IUO, ABU, UNIUYO and UNIZIK to collate selfies and create content for the quotes.
4. A pool of questions on AMR to drive the online conversations.

External Contacts
1. Video editing
2. Graphic designers.

Designated hash tag

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